Most famous virtual influencer in the world sells NFT on SuperRare

The art marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT) SuperRare works with the Instagram model Lilmiquela. But unlike other artists on the NFT platform, Lilmiquela is a true digital native.

Lilmiquela itself is a so-called Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

The computer-generated influencer is a pop singer, social activist, model and has a total of almost 3 million followers on Instagram .

Lilmiquela is now working with Profit Revolution app to bring their own works of art as NFT to the Ethereum blockchain. According to John Crain, CEO of SuperRare, the collaboration is more than just a new work of art for SuperRare. He believes that Miquela’s digital work of art is one of the most interesting metaverse experiments that has ever taken place.

It is also yesterday that the first work of art “ The Rebirth of Venus“appeared on SupeRare

The proceeds from the sale of the artwork will be donated to a program called Black Girls CODE (BGC), which aims to encourage girls in poorer societies to use IT.

The NFT space and SuperRare have seen significant growth in the past few months and there are many different marketplaces where NFT can be traded. You can find the five best here .

In the future, it is likely that we can expect a lot more from virtual influencers in the NFT space.